• Mom:What smells so good?
  • Me:Witchcraft.
  • Mom:Witchcraft smells like lavender and basil?
  • Me:Yes.
Chickens laid their first eggs!

Ok, so I know I said I’d be posting more…. And then I got mono and found out I have H Pylori (cause stomach ulcers) so I’ve been kinda down and out. Have a few pics of what’s been going for us this summer coming up!


The feels this gives me
Sittin’ around eating bon-bons.

Hey y’all! I know I haven’t been around much, I started a Texas travel blog and between that and the arrival of spring (finally!) I haven’t had time to breathe. We have had some new developments around Vin Santo Farm, and I plan to start sharing the daily goings on again. :)



Almost time to start harvesting cabbages. Then we can have this half of the garden back for summer plantings.

I just got pelleted with an ice storm. I don’t know if any of my seeds or sprouts will survive. 

So I’m not jealous…nope…not jealous at all.

I have replanted twice now and everything has frozen. We’ve decided to just plant a few boxes one last time and focus on other stuff this year. Pffffft.
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